Reference Sires


Currently in storage at B & D...

NK Erik M200


TST1 GSR All Trumped Up *ENNOBLED*

2M Boer Goats Payback

CRRO Spook

Powell/Holmen 300T  *ENNOBLED*

JRA1 AGNEW'S TX Holdem Direct Hit   *ENNOBLED*

C S B W27 Hercules   *ENNOBLED*

LLBG Mr League X090          (AKA Camo)

JRA1 AGNEW/LAZY S-T Red Alert   *Sire of Merit*

FSE Easy Money

Farmworld Geronimo        (Imported)

MAUL R284 Painted Warrior *EN

JAD SRB Count My Lucky Stars

TKLEV Rebar Ranch Bad Company

TKLEV Rebar Ranch Beetlejuice

2JW Smokin' Gun's Boomstick *EN

JRB3 Infinity's Copper Edition

Rose Creek Acres Est. 2013

Members of ABGA, & MBGA

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